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Total relaxation by ZoranPhoto

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Carved Moonstone ring. Circa 1920

Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth photographed for You Were Never Lovelier, 1942.

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This is neat - a mechanical dice game from 1858. The dice rotated randomly when the button was pushed.


Piccadilly Circus, London, 1964.


Coraline, Cat Ambassador of House Ravenclaw.

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"dancing school" 1905


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As Something New


Ulysses kept himself quiet through the whole memory, letting Nathan weave out his words, retract them to fix mistakes, then cast them out again. It paid off, he’d learned, every time, to just let the words start and stop, not to jump in and provide the end of a sentence that didn’t belong there.

"Comics? I have to say, I really haven’t read any. I mean, a couple growing up…sitting in friends’ bedrooms and reading them like it was my job." He laughed quietly. "I had no idea who half the characters were, no idea what they were talking about. I just sort of read whatever got thrown at me." 

It was his turn to pause, thinking of those books, those stories

"Alice in Wonderland, though…that’s favorite of mine. One of the best. Sanctioned nonsense…not the lame kind they try to feed you as a kid like, oh yeah, silly, woooo!" He stopped, grinning to himself. "Just…good crazy. All the best mad people together."

"You and all the best mad people, eh?" Nathan said fondly, his voice growing slower as the night grew later.

He could feel his eyelids drifting shut of their own accord every now and again, not because he was bored or wasn’t fighting as hard as he could to stay awake and steal just a little bit longer of this, but because it had been a long, exhausting day, and he was warm and comfortable and relaxed. Besides, it seemed rude to keep fidgeting, even if it would have stopped him from resting his cheek gently against Ulysses’ hair. There was nothing like this.

"What are your other favourites?" he asked gently. "Keep talking."

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