doctoraliceburnett asked: "I can't breathe."

Nathan was no good in situations like these. Stuttering fingers could dial for an ambulance, but a stuttering tongue couldn’t give an emergency, an address, a plea to get there soon because he didn’t know what to do.

He held her hand and begged her, silently, to try.

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chemicallycurious asked: "I can't breathe."

Nathan drew away from the kiss with a breathless laugh, the sound as giddy as he felt.

"I can’t either," he said softly, his smile reaching his eyes.

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As Something New


Ulysses smiled, mouth still close to Nathan’s. His voice was so quiet, as though he was afraid the fish were listening in, but so earnest. He felt that he could honestly spend the rest of the week in the semi darkness with Nathan pressed this close to him, talking to him in that soft, heartbreakingly honest voice.

"I like you too. Everything you do. Especially when you say you like me." He grinned again, running his hand down Nathan’s arm, feeling a ridiculous thrill when his palm slide from the worn fabric of the borrowed sleeve to skin that had been warmed by his almost -tropical flat temperature. "When you say it like that, it’s hard to imagine anyone else in the world." He bit his lip, knowing he was treading on dangerous ground. People didn’t like that, didn’t like when he rushed into things that he felt instinctively but wasn’t supposed to say aloud.

"That’s what I thought," Nathan breathed, his eyes growing wide again, "when we were sitting on the sofa. And… and n-now. Sitting here."

He felt it sometimes in the shop too, working in the basement late at night. When everything was quiet and he was alone, surrounded by shadows where the circle of lamplight couldn’t stretch. It was like there was no one else left. He felt it sometimes in the shop too, but not like this. This wasn’t lonely.


Interior of London subway in the 1890s.

Introverts are collectors of thoughts, and solitude is where the collection is curated and rearranged to make sense of the present and future.

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angst sentence starters yay

  • i have used my satan powers to make another one of these, angst list 2.0
  • "You're not welcome here anymore."
  • "Could you tell the truth for once?"
  • "Don't touch me!"
  • "I've always hated you."
  • "Don't go where I can't follow."
  • "N-no... anything b-but that... p-please..."
  • "You sicken me."
  • "Why should I believe you?"
  • "You're a monster!"
  • "If you beg I might have mercy on you."
  • "I will kill you slowly and laugh as I watch the light leave your eyes."
  • "I thought you loved me."
  • "Why should I care about you?"
  • "Get away from me!"
  • "I have three months to live."
  • "I don't need your pity."
  • "No... No! NO! STOP!"
  • "I will cut you to pieces bit by bit until there's nothing left."
  • "Go ahead and cry, see if I care."
  • "I'm dying."
  • "You have two months to live."
  • "You don't love me."
  • "Don't think you can escape me."
  • "The buyers will go crazy over you."
  • "I will kill your family and make you watch."
  • "How could anyone love a monster like me?"
  • "Are you drunk again?"
  • "Don't shoot!"
  • "What am I living for anymore?"
  • "I can't... not anymore..."
  • "Pick a god and pray."
  • "Don't bother screaming, no one can hear you."
  • "I will do anything for you."
  • "You killed my family."
  • "It's all your fault."
  • "Disgusting."
  • "Don't forget that I own you."
  • "I can't breathe."
  • "You've been crying haven't you?"
  • "Who could ever love a monster like you?"
  • "I will bring you unimaginable pain until death comes as a blessing."
  • "Let's see... boiling water or red hot iron next..."
  • "Why didn't you tell me about this?"


I’m started to get quite a collection of this vintage ‘soap bubble’ jewellery. I am still waiting for one more necklace to arrive (a double stranded beaded necklace).

All of the pieces are slightly different. For example, the two wire and bead bracelets vary slightly. One has metal sections to join the two strands of beads, the other has clear plastic sections.

The circle brooches are also different. One has a metal back (and seems to be a higher quality), the other has a clear plastic back.

The iridescent coating on the beads is very prone to cracking, but some seem more stable than others. One of the necklaces is unwearable, as the coating on one of the beads may come off completely if I’m not careful!

Jewellery like this is featured in Classic American Costume Jewellery: Volume 2 Identification and Value Guide, by Jacqueline Rehmann (2011).

The earrings are marked ‘stirling’, but the rest don’t have any marks at all.

I’d love to find a signed Richelieu set (if only because I imagine it would be higher quality than the pieces I have now).

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As Something New


Nathan’s sudden look of panic was unexpected, his stumbling words were almost breathy. Ulysses wasn’t sure what he’d said to get that reaction. He’d just meant he wanted to stay that, to be different from everyone else if that’s what Nathan wanted, if Ulysses was the kind of unique he wanted to stick around. 

He shifted on the bed, turning slightly to face Nathan. He shook his head slightly, sliding his free hand up to lightly brush the side of the other man’s neck before resting on his cheek.

"Nathan…Nathan." He leaned in to kiss him lightly. "I didn’t mean…you don’t have to reassure me." He smiled, still a little stunned but pleased at the rushed words. He wasn’t sure what to say, didn’t know how to mend what his off-the-cuff comment had torn up a bit. It was hard for him to fix things without words.

Instead he just kissed him again, closing his eyes tightly.

Nathan’s eyes were still wide as Ulysses kissed him. His breath caught in his throat and then they fluttered shut, his shoulders relaxing helplessly. It was impossible to worry with Ulysses so close he could breathe him in. There was nothing else but him, nothing like him. He was so warm.

"Okay," Nathan said softly, scarcely breaking away, and then he wanted to kiss him again, so he did.

"I do like you though.”


Cotton dress by Carolyn Schnurer, textile by Dan River Mills, 1950.

(source: Metropolitan Museum of Art)

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Riding, 1979.