Philips Bakelite Radio


Made in Holland

Art Deco

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Vienna, Austria - 1953

As Something New


Ulysses was grateful for Nathan’s response, as mild as it was. That was the best to hope for, he realized, after spouting off the nonsense that he generally did. Mildness. It wasn’t anger that he was moving to fast or that heavy-handed, possessive violence that his enthusiasm sometimes engendered in men who were suddenly caught by the mistaken idea that his almost child-like excitement matched a childish personality and willingness to take anything akin to affection.

Nathan’s hand was giving and taking at once, which is what Ulysses wanted. He held onto Nathan’s hand, pressing his squarish fingertips against the other man’s slim palm. 

He told himself not to say it. Reminded himself not to say it. Said it anyway.

"Well, maybe sometime we could plan a little jaunt sometime. Over the summer or something." Ulysses smiled and bumped his nose against Nathan’s temple. "We could celebrate how wonderful you are."

The momentary self-conscious flush at his compliment faded into mild confusion at his suggestion. Nathan looked up at Ulysses curiously, eyebrows knitted together but a small smile still lingering in the corners of his mouth, the polite expression of a lack of comprehension.

"A little jaunt?" he echoed. "What d’you m-mean?"


Harold Lloyd and Jobyna Ralston in Why Worry? (1923).

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19th century die-cut devotional card.


A woman on a farmer’s shoulder emphasizes a corn crop’s height in Minnesota, 1916.Photograph by A. W. Thompson, National Geographic

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